Friday, February 20, 2009

Some of My Winnings!

I entered a few give-aways a couple of months ago. And I won some really neat stuff! The first package came from Barb at Ruminations and Reflections. She had a give away to celebrate her first blog anniversary. Barb included a lovely star ornament, which had some of those sparkly little gems glued to it, a Christmas ornament, some little notepads, Valentine heart candies (yummy) and a set of very useful coasters. They are done in cherry fabrics and I love anything cherry! Thank you Barb! This was a very nice present to get in the middle of winter, especially when it arrived on a very dark, dull, rainy day when I was feeling depressed and fed-up with winter!

My next gift was this wonderful set of little earrings. They are from Red Dirt Woman. Check out her blog. She is a hoot! She makes these earrings herself using little heart-shaped glass beads! I am impressed! They are so cute! Thank you Red Dirt Woman. I will wear them with pride.
And lastly, although I didn't win this, it makes me feel like a winner! I finished the first block in the Baltimore Bliss BOM. (see side bar) I love this block! It was fun to make - relaxing and very rewarding! I can hardly wait for next month's block!


Opal said...

congrats on the swag! i really love the look of that block.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Now that is a fun Friday!!

LizzieJane said...

Good for you, it is always so nice to receive such wonderful giveaway goodies.

Living on the Spit said...

You are so deserving and it is always nice to win some great give aways!!! Good job.

Thank you for the birthday wishes you sent me...they mean so much!

You are a very talented quilter and inspire me so much!

Love ya Hetty! Stay in good spirits and I am praying for you to turn into a new spring chicken!!