Friday, June 26, 2009

An Update

I just wanted to show you how I am doing with the baby quilt. It's coming together nicely.

I still have to machine applique the lambs. Still debating on what type of stitch to use. A few of the lambs don't have ears and a face yet, but they are in the works. I bought that blue and purple fabric to act as the first border. I think I will then add a narrow green border and finally a piano key border using most of the fabrics. You can see a bit of it on the left side of the photo.

Yesterday my son drove me to a LQS! I bought some red fabrics. I noticed that KarenDianne was doing a beautiful Dresden Plate quilt in reds and I fell in love with it. So I bought a few fat quarters to start me off.

Well that's about it. Oh, oh! I think Mimi is helping me iron. Watch out for that rotary cutter Mimi! It's sharp! Actually it isn't as dangerous as it looks. This my new rotary cutter! I love it. The blade snaps back as soon as pressure is taken off the handle.

"Mimi! You're putting wrinkles into my fabrics!"
"Meow! Yeah, I know! Wrinkles give the fabrics character!"
"Yeah! Right! Figures you would know about character, you...... charac, aaaah, cute kitten!"


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Chuckle ....

FREE PAINT OFFER ~ This is legit ~Marydon

the dutch purple rabbit said...

you're so fast and the colours are lovely again.
mimi hold you're lady company see maybe not saying it to you, but she loves that.
ow wedding was amezing nice. update soon.


Pat said...

Love the sheep quilt (and Mimi, too, of course). Do you use invisible thread when you machine applique something like that???

*karendianne. said...

Mimi is so cute snuggly right there. I just love her! Great reds. I've been "head down" working on those Dresden's by the way. Just hittin' the priority Blogs. :>

Okay the quilt you're working on is so charming and sweet. I love those lambs. And I really really dig the fabric you chose PLUS the way you're workin' it all together. I say this sometimes and maybe it gets old but I can't help it - you have real talent. (or maybe you're totally elder & you've been quilting since the Ark was built...) Same thing, either way. Lambs were on the Ark! hee.

Silly Love, *karendianne.

Rinie said...

Baby, without name? will look lovely amongst the lambs.
So does Mimi. She is part of every quilt you make. That's why your quilts are so colourful. Thank you Mimi.

Oiyi said...

OMG, those lambs are too cute!

nicolette said...

Very cute lambs and gorgeous red fabrics!