Friday, June 19, 2009

What I've Been Up To

The sun was shining this morning! Kind of a novelty, since we've had rain for several days! I decided to go out on my scooter and see what trouble I could get into. I went through the ravine and was almost knocked off my scooter by the heavenly, intoxicating scent of the wild roses that lined the path! They were so fresh and delicate. What a stroke of luck to be passing by these while they were in bloom. I don't think I have ever noticed them before. And, in another stroke of luck, I had my camera with me.

I went to visit some friends and on my way home I passed by a garden centre and bought a few more plants to fill another planter. When I arrived at home, I noticed that the mail had come. How exciting! A few weeks ago I entered a give-away on Pat's blog and I won. My book arrived today!
Edit: Pat had put a fat quarter in the package, which I did not see until she emailed me to ask if I had found it. She was afraid that she had forgotten - age, you know, but it was me who had not checked the envelope carefully enough - age, yeah, I admit it! So here is the new photo.

I am really excited with this one. It has several quilts that I know I will make. I love the sunflower wall hanging and this fan one is lovely. I am thinking of using a fan block in a wall hanging that I am doing at the moment, so this will come in handy. Thanks Pat! I really appreciate your generosity.
Edit: And it seems that Mimi likes it too. She took possession as soon as I put the book and fat quarter down.
And if that wasn't enough, Oscar wanted to get into the action too. I think they are having a quilting discussion.

And I must show you my latest block from the Friday Block Party. This one is called, 'Triangle Chain'. It is a 9-inch block. For some reason the pattern was posted yesterday instead of today. That was fine with me! I went into my sewing room last night and started rummaging around for fabric. I planned on just finding the fabric. But then I started cutting it out. And before I knew it, I was so engrossed in the block that I had the whole thing sewn together! Mimi loves it! It's got silly cats and cat paw prints on it. I love it too. I will post the entire block on the Block Party's blog.

Now I am ready for the weekend!


Pat said...

I like that new block. How nice that you had your camera with you when you were by those pretty (and nice-smelling) flowers. I'm glad you are happy with the book and look forward to seeing what you will make from it.

*karendianne. said...

Mimi looks proud to be showing that snazzy block if I do say so myself. What a wonderful time out you had and I'm glad you had the camera because it's so much more fun in "color!"

Pat said...

hahaha....I'm not sure if it's a quilting discussion they are having OR a discussion about how their silly "mom" almost threw away a very nice fat quarter!!! LOL

Feedsack Fantasy said...

She has good taste. What a way to relax with a good book! Chuckle! TTFN~ Marydon

nicolette said...

I think they’re discussing why you always throw stuff on the floor to takes photo’s of...? Their floor...!

The block looks great!

Barb said...

I have an award waiting for you over at my blog...

Rinie said...

Mimi and Oscar having a quilt discussion?
And they seem to be serious about it.
This year I had hundreds of those wild, white roses in my garden. The rains ended it too soon. Glad you also met some on your travels