Friday, July 17, 2009

A Cave for Felix!

I bought myself a new fan a couple of days ago. It was getting too hot to work in my solarium, so I thought a fan would be a good idea. I put it together this morning and left the box on the floor. I was not looking forward to cutting up that heavy corrugated cardboard and besides, we are in the middle of a strike by our city's garbage collectors. My recycling bin is already full and I have no idea when it will be picked up. What do you think Felix?

"Meow! I love my new cave! It's so cool in here. And exciting! Can you see me? I hope not. I promise I will hunt down any and all bats that are living in here. Meow! Thanks Mom."

Ahhhh! Great idea Felix! Reduce. Recycle. Re-use!


Vicki said...

Yes Felix has the right idea. Both of my cats love boxes as well. It's definitely a great place to hide.

Fergie found a most interesting place to hide the other day. A friend of mine gave me a lovely sewing notions organizer bag for my birthday and it came in one of those Fabricland cloth bags. I laid it down on the foot stool and went into the kitchen to get a drink. When I came out Fergie had crawled inside the bag and was sitting there. And remember the bag still had the organizer bag inside of it. How she managed this I don't know. I went to get the camera but by the time I got back she had hopped out.

The things our cats will do.

the dutch purple rabbit said...

don't ever post such a thing again now spook wants to have a cave too.

yup cats and boxes.


Pat said...

That is so cute!

*karendianne. said...

Corrugated Cat Park at it's best!!!

Reddirt Woman said...

Cats and kids pick the most fun things to play with...

Thank you for sharing.


nicolette said...

Midas inspects all boxes that come into our house. I recently bought a basket to put some magazines in. Midas took possession within a blink.
Guess what... he’s sleeping in the basket now. so I’ve put one of our garden chair pillows in it!

Winny said...

Felix knows how to reuse. Trust the animals to know how to make the little things in life more enjoyable.

John said...

That Felix is so clever. He can put anything to good use and make it fun too.

Rinie said...

We just bought a new blender. It came in a large box. I was not looking forward to cut the box to recycle. Well, everybody knows by now what happened. Our Boomerang took possesion and the other three cats are looking on with jalousy.
Have to get more big things in large boxes to make everybody happy
or have a fight soon.