Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trying to Keep Up With All My UFOs!

This is the block for week 28 of the Friday Block Party. It is called "Envelope Motif". I don't know why it is called that, but I really like it because it looks more like a star block to me and I love those!
I'm afraid that I broke all of my self-imposed fabric rules on this one. Instead of digging through my scrap bin, I used the fabric that was beside my machine. The colourful centre fabric and the pretty background fabric were purchased yesterday. Yes! I know. They have only been in my sewing room for one day, but they were calling to me and I was dying to use them. The turquoise fabric, however, is from my scrap bin, so that should make everything okay.

I am working on several (maybe 6 or 7, but who's counting!) projects right now. The baby lamb quilt just needs a backing. I have to piece a few more hearts because I don't have enough of the backing fabric and I will have to do some back art to make it fit.

I am also working on the one-a-day nine patch that Crazy Mom Quilts has been doing over the past 10 weeks. I am right on schedule though - just putting the sashing and borders on.

Then there are all the other projects I have started lately. I need to feel productive, so I will have to finish some of them before I move on to newer projects. I hope to be able to show you some finished quilts in the next couple of weeks! That's my plan anyway. Mimi is helping me.


Pat said...

Oh, yes....Mimi looks like she is working VERY hard there! LOL

Barb said...

It seems that each Friday I am soooooooooo busy....maybe when my husband goes to work today, I will work on the Friday blocks... Yours are great!!!

the dutch purple rabbit said...

mimi is doing wath we all have to do sometimes. just relax and but you're feets in the air.


*karendianne. said...

I love it when Mimi helps out. She looks like you've been working her hard today though. I'm just sayin'... :)

Your block is funtastic. I dig that. All these blocks you do - uh - I get distracted. GREAT fabrics.

Any chance of seeing those Nine Patches and maybe Felix the Fickle and Oscar the Opulent? (...or are my adjectives all wrong...)

Reddirt Woman said...

I like it and the turquoise ties in with colors in the center block. It does look like a star, but I'm not very schooled in the different patterns. I just know when I like something.


Eileen said...

Oh I like this block. Of course you needed to use those new fabrics.. they were calling! And I think maybe it's called an envelope block because the HST blocks do look like the back of an envelope.. how its folded. :-)
Turquiose and red are always one of my favorite combos.

nicolette said...

This block is looking great! And why not use fabric you just purchased, they are meant to be in the block!

Rinie said...

Helping you? Mimi does not look like you can count on her.
She is down and out. Enjoying life as a decoration. And just being her sweet self.