Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eleven Flower Wednesday

I worked on some flowers this week. Eleven to be exact! These are all small ones for my red garden. Here are the finished ones. There are 7 of those.

And another 4 prepped and ready to sew. I also made some green leaves to go between the flowers.
Today is the last day of summer. The Autumn Equinox occurs at 11:09 tonight.


Exuberant Color said...

I like your red flowers.
Let's hope for more cool weather now for autumn. We had a hot one yesterday and supposed to be hot tomorrow.

nicolette said...

The Autumn colours are wonderful!

So your Autumn starts on September 22nd and ours on September 23rd. That’s funny!

Pat said...

I think I need to make some hexie flowers eventually. Yours always look so pretty!

the dutch purple rabbit said...

me and spot-spot (cat) loving the spotted flower in the middle. we both want to walk in you're garden of red and purple flowers.


Oiyi said...

I never tire of seeing these flowers. So pretty!