Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Flower Garden Update

This week I completed 7 more flowers and got 2 more prepped and ready to sew. That makes a total of 21 flowers. I also added a lot of green petals in between the flowers. This really looks great 'in person', but I am not sure if I like that purple flower in there now that I see it photographed and on my screen. Maybe if I add some more of that purple colour, it will look better. At any rate, I am not going to unsew anything. These little flowers are too precious. And have been sewn so tightly that I can't even get a seam ripper in there without damaging the fabric!

I have several other projects I need to work on, so this is all for Grandma's Flower Garden for this week. Hope to get some things done by tomorrow so I can show them to you.

It's the first of September already. Where did the summer go? School starts next Tuesday. I still get that 'back-to-school' rush, even though I don't have to go back. It doesn't feel like the end of summer. Still hot here. Too hot to sleep. My air conditioner is running at full speed. Okay! No more complaining! It will be winter before we know it and I will be wishing for a nice, hot, summer day.


wackywoman said...

It is looking so pretty Hetty. I have avoided these because I know I will get hooked and I just can't have another project. LOL

LizzieJane said...

Very lovely Hetty. That is a lot of sewing. It is great that hexies can be done while watching tv in the evening... that's where I did mine. Now if I can only get around to finishing them!

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

I love the purple flower - I would maybe put one in the opposite corner as accents.
Great work Hetty!

Oiyi said...

Those flowers are beautiful! So much work! But they look like they are worth it.

Pat said...

I think it looks nice and the purple flower is fine. It would be good to use that shade of purple somewhere else, too, though.

the dutch purple rabbit said...

ow that is looking so nice. yes add some more purple flowers so the single purple one is not on his own.
i wish it was a little hotter here. it feels like autumn and i'm speed knitting. happens always in the autumn the need for warm stuff too where makes me a crazy knitting machine.