Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christmas in July

I finished another quilt!  This one was started a couple of years ago.  Do you see those flying geese blocks?  They were the first blocks of an online BOM by Twiddletails, called Geese in the Forest.  I eagerly started it, but by the time I had made 27 of these blocks I decided that this quilt was not going to happen.  I kept the flying geese blocks in a container, in case I changed my mind and wanted to continue with this BOM.  Needless to say, that never happened.

While cleaning up one day, I found them and decided to put them together as a Christmas quilt.  The geese blocks are 6 inches finished, so I cut a 6.5 square from every Christmas fabric I had and sewed them together alternately.  That was last winter.  The quilt top then sat in my UFO bin until a couple of weeks ago. 

I found some backing fabric in my Christmas stash (the only piece large enough) and sandwiched it. Then came the heat! I couldn't quilt it until the past few days, which have been overcast with a few drops of rain. It's a bit cooler, but still hot!

Here is another view of it.  The sun is really bright today.  I hope you can see the colours.  Don't you just love the summer phlox?  You can see two colours in this shot.  The light pink ones to the left of the others are plants I bought many years ago.  They never had a chance to grow because my garden had too much shade.  But in my new raised beds, they have taken off.

I also have some white phlox.  I don't know where these came from.  The only white phlox I had was planted under a wisteria bush and didn't get enough light.  But now these have come up in my west garden.  I think I will mark them and transplant them next year - to a better spot.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love finish urges? Of late i have had the urge to finish some of my UFO's...its a good feeling to have them done.

wackywoman said...

What a great idea Hetty. I love it. And, you used up those pretty blocks sitting there. And, your phlox is gorgeous.

KaHolly said...

I esp. enjoyed today's post because it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who does that!! I am loving your quilt (see why your stopped w/the BOM!), your phlox, and your header!! ~karen

nicolette said...

That’s a lovely quilt Hetty! Great idea to have it finished like this!

I planned on making the geese in the forest blocks too, but it just never happened... like many other projects!

Love those Summer phloxes!

hakucho said...

Your Christmas quilt is beautiful. I commend you for finishing it! I have an unfinished piece (grandmother's flower garden - hexi's) some where in my attic. I fear it will never get done...

Love your's nice that you have purple and white :)

Simone de Klerk said...

I remember Twittletail's BOM. Love what you did with the blocks you already made.
Isn't it wonderful, that flowers just come into your garden to bring you their beauty!

the dutch purple rabbit said...

i like it!
i see trees and houses in it.


Rose Marie said...

Perfect ... it is finished and now you can enjoy your quilt this Christmas!