Saturday, July 09, 2011


I haven't posted in a week!  That's because I haven't done much sewing.  I finished the miniature for the winner of my give away, but it's a secret.  I can't show it to you because she reads my blog.  Oh, yes, and another reason is that I put everything into a box, taped it up and mailed it and then remembered that I hadn't taken a photo of it.
I hope she will send me one when she receives it.

And now a walk-about in my secret garden.  My plants have grown so much that my neighbours can't see me anymore when I sit outside.  So I feel as if I am in my secret garden.   Here are a few of the blooms that give my garden colour this week.  My white lilies.  I love these.  I managed to keep the lily beetles off this one!

Here is my little shop of horrors pumpkin squash.  It's getting big!  But I still am not sure of what it is.

 My zucchinis are getting big.  I think we will have to have some for dinner tonight.

And here is my Oleander.  I cut it back severely last year and have not had any flowers on it since then.  But now it is huge again and showing its beautiful colour against a blue sky.

I have also been working on my hexies - not much mind you - only a few of these got done this week.

Have a great weekend!


Pat said...

I'm sure your lucky winner will be nice enough to post a photo so we can all see what you made for her. The flowers in your secret garden are lovely!

wackywoman said...

Thank you for taking us on a walk in your garden. I loved it.

the dutch purple rabbit said...

no i will not take a photo...
of course i will take a photo when it arrives here.
but the secret part hmmm i'm really good in waiting for secrets ahummm.

i will checking the postmen every day now.