Tuesday, May 15, 2012

45 degree angles!

I went to Bee Night last evening.  We had a blast and made table toppers.  It's always fun to get away and meet with other quilters.  These toppers are quickly put together.  If only I had asked my important question  about the cutting angle after putting the first strip on, instead of waiting until I was on the last strip.

:Look how wonky my topper is.  That's because I just cut the triangles off each strip after I had sewn them on.  I should have lined the seam lines up with the 45 degree line on my ruler. Well, live and learn.  No one told me to do that.  And we weren't even told to bring a ruler and mat.  That meant lots of getting up and standing in line to use the cutting station.  Oh, well.  I guess I needed the exercise.  I am also not too excited about the colours I used.  I think I will do another one using some nice contrasting colours and my 45 degree ruler.  But that will not happen this morning.

I am going to join my quilty friends for our Tuesday morning group. I also have to pull some rhubarb for a friend who will be at our group.     

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wackywoman said...

Oh, way cute and it looks fun to do at that. Much like a log cablin.