Friday, May 04, 2012

I Love Blue Flowers

The sun is shining this morning, but who knows what the rest of the day will bring.  Last night it rained all night, with lots of thunder and lightening too.  My plants are happy, so why are they so blue?

Here are my Myosotis or Forget-me-nots.  They have taken over my gardens, but as soon as they are finished flowering, I will pull some of them out to make room for some annuals.

Next is my Muscari or Grape Hyacinth.  I planted these over 10 years ago and they still come up every spring. Aren't they beautiful?  I love blue flowers, or did I say that already?

Mertensia, or Virginia Blue Bells are next.  This is my favourite plant at the moment.  I love the blue bells which change to pink as they age.  This plant comes up in early spring, but by July it has gone back into the ground to await the following spring.

And last I want to show you my Viola, or Violets.  I have several varieties.  These are almost a purple blue colour.  They have multiplied and almost taken over my garden  But I love these little beauties.  If I get too many I will pot them up and put them at the foot of my driveway with a 'Free to Good Home' sign beside them.

I also have a light blue variety.  They look white, but there are little blue specks on the flowers.  I think it is very pretty.

And last, but not least, I finished my flying geese block on Em's blog..  Here it is in with my Forget Me Nots.   This is block #8.  When I finish block #9, I will post them all.


wackywoman said...

Oh Hetty, your garden is gorgeous! We are still sitting on a thick marine layer. No sun and few flowers. Nice geese you got flying through.

nicolette at dutchcomfort said...

I’m a blue flower lover too, so I’m in love with the plants in your garden!

Those flying geese are gorgeous too!

Happy weekend!

Cybele's patch said...

Lovely flowers. Your garden is beautiful. Can't wait to see your summer garden.

Pat said...

I love blue flowers, too. I think it might be because when I was little, I was pretty sure NO flowers were blue. (Truthfully, I don't recall seeing blue ones when younger.) Now, I am drawn to all blue flowers when I see them! Yours are all so lovely. I've love to live close enough to see your gardens and your plant room in your house, too.

Barb said...

Your flowers are sooooo wonderful...and your flying geese ...

em's scrapbag said...

Love all your beautiful flowers. You are a great gardener.
Your flying geese blocks is wonderful! Thanks for playing along.

Terry said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I must get some grape hyacinths! My grandmother always had some and I miss them!

Anonymous said...

Yes your flowers are beautiful.
Mine too, but how did you get rid of the weeds? I have too many weeds.
And yes, the blue ones are beauties.