Monday, October 29, 2012

A Storm's a Brewin'

Day 29 of Blogtoberfest.

It is dark and dreary outside.  But it will get worse before the storm is over.  Environment Canada has promised us tons of rain, high winds and cold temperatures.  When Hurricane Sandy reaches landfall 'she' will combine with the two storm systems that are already over us.  The ensuing storm will reach a radius of 1,300km.  And we'll be in the middle of it.  It has already rained for 3 days and will rain for another 5 days at least.  Where is that ark when you need it?

I have bottled water, candles and canned food on hand in case the power goes out.  I am also prepping lots of hexies so that I will have something to do if I can't use my sewing machine.  I have put the would-be quilt on my design floor so that I can see which hexies I need to make.  Lots of white ones, darn!

I have also been playing with the witches' finger cookies.  I decided to give them fake nails.  Chocolate ones, glued on with more melted chocolate.  I think this will work!  I plan to bake another batch this afternoon, in green.


Grit said...

I wish you the best and give my hope to you for this big storm.
Your hexagons are so beautiful.
Liebe Grüße Grit

I hope my english is ok.

Exuberant Color said...

I didn't realize you would be so close to the storm area. hoping for the best for you, not much damage.

Your hexie quilt is wonderful. The white ones might be boring but they may be easier to see to work on if the electricity goes off.

Dolores said...

OMG gosh Hetty that quilt is going to be beautiful. I love your finger cookies. My daughter had a party and bought Dollarstore fake fingers and eyeballs but these cookies are so much better.
I'm hoping the winds die down tonight since my BC family are coming here.

wackywoman said...

Sending good thoughts your way Hetty. It must be very scary just waiting for it all to hit. I must say, I think I preper our surprise earthquakes.

Your hexies are looking fabulous. Darn cute cookies. Makes me think of Hansel and Gretel for some reason.

Take care and be safe!

Debra Anger said...

Your hexie is looking just fantastic and I`m glad you found some extra fingers to help you out! LOL they are ghoulishly fun

Monica said...

Whoosh, those fingers are creepy! What a contrast with the quilt!

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous, Hetty!
Oh man those fingers look delicious (never thought I'd say that...)

Manuela said...

Your Hexagons are very beautiful.

Greetings Manuela

em's scrapbag said...

Your hexies are gorgeous. And the fingers oh so fun.

Simone de Klerk said...

Those fingers are the best ever!!!
And your hexie quilt is amazing. Hours and hours and hours of work.
I hope the storm doesn't bring too much damage. Hopefully we hear from you today!

Anonymous said...

The storm is over and your witches'
fingers look very real and scary.
But your hexies look beautiful and that's what count
Happy Hallowyn!
Love, Makke.