Sunday, October 07, 2012

Off to Market

Day 7 of Blogtoberfest

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I had a wonderful time with my quilting buddy yesterday.  I shared my quilty works with her and she admired them.  Yes, she was very positive and encouraging.  Then we worked on some handwork.  She is an amazing appliquer.  And I worked on my hexies.  The afternoon went by much too quickly.

Today we had reservations at the Franklin Club for a Thanksgiving dinner.  The Franklin Club is about an hour drive north of us.  Along the way we found a farmer's market.  They had pumpkins all over the place.  My DD wanted to buy one for her classroom, so we drove into the parking lot.  There we were met by a group of goats walking around on a roof and walkways inside their pen.  They were so cute, we just had to get out of the car and take a look around.  There were chickens walking all over the parking lot.  I took a few photos, but I wish I had taken more.  There were pregnant goats and baby goats, as well as baby bunnies and Guinea pigs.  Everywhere we looked there were pumpkins and other colourful gourds.  Inside the market there were even more delicacies.  They had baked goods, honey, fresh eggs and other delights  from the farm.

I talked to the owners and discovered that they had had a pork and corn roast yesterday.  There had been over 2000 visitors.  Wish we had known.  The guy also told me that he had left the market at around midnight the night before and found half a dozen chickens sitting on the back of his car.  When he went to chase them away, he found that one of them had laid an egg on the back bumper.  Such is farm life, I guess.  It sounded wonderful to DD.  She plans to go back sometime soon and do some more shopping.


Simone de Klerk said...

Oh wow, what a great time at the market you must have had. Love the chicken story.

Farm Fancies said...

Visiting for Blogtoberfest. Loving all those pumpkins and would love to have some as they are quite expensive where I live. Salsa looks yummy and adore your colourful quilt blocks :).