Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm Update

Day 30 of Blogtoberfest.

Sorry I didn't give you an earlier update on the Super Storm we had last night.  I want to thank everyone who was worried about us.  But there really isn't much to tell.   We had a lot of rain and strong winds.  Trees blew over and basements were flooded, power lines were knocked down and some folks are still without power now, but we had nowhere near the devastation that was felt in the eastern United States.

I could not sleep last night because of the blowing winds, things that hit my solarium and the sounds that made me imagine my roof was being ripped off my house.  But when I woke up there was little damage.  Our power did not get disrupted and my house was save.  My cats were terrified of the winds and rain and slept close to me all night long.  There was a lot of damage in other parts of Toronto - lots of power outages and trees that had been pulled right out of the ground, roots and all.  One woman was hit by a flying sign and died.  But overall, we did not get as much damage as the weatherman predicted.

I went to my Tuesday morning quilting group.  It was nice to drink a hot cup of tea with other quilters after all that crazy weather.  As we drove home, crews had already started to cut down trees and remove fallen branches.  There was even some blue sky when we went over to the church for out meeting, but on the way home it was raining again.  I have been making Rice Krispie Squares since I got home.  I'll take a photo tomorrow.

Did I show you my turquoise squares?  Here they are.  They were the only blocks I made this weekend.  Once things settle down around here, like after Halloween, I will do some red ones.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you are ok after the Toronto storm.
Interesting to hear about the behaviour of your cats.
My cats were terryfied too and crawled on my face and slept in my arms. I was awake for close to 3 hours. The wind was howling and I was afraid at times. We even had lightning, very intens. Falling branches made lot of noices.
Now we have peace.
Love, Makke.

Dolores said...

We had no major damage either except our power went off at about 11:20 last night and came back on at 8:20 this morning. The house didn't get really cold so all was well. My cats didn't seem to mind anything at all. Even the subway was working this morning but it wasn't later in the afternoon. All's fine now though.

wackywoman said...

Sounds like a scary night. Love your blocks. I think I'm supposed to finish one of my UFO's within the next few days. Like 2 days? Not happening.

Simone de Klerk said...

So happy to read you are well and that there is little damage!
Oh dear, I think these blocks are my favorite. Such brightness in them (o:
One more day to go, Hetty!

Terry said...

I'm glad you made it through the storm OK. We're still getting rain from it here in Ohio. It can go away any time now! LOL