Monday, April 29, 2013

Finishing Up

Went to the bridal shower yesterday.  Had a good time.  Met someone who looked familiar.  She sat down at our table.  It turned out that she is a member of the same quilt guild I belong to.  Small world.  My placemats were well received, by the way.

I posted those placemats on Saturday and linked them to Crazy Mom's Friday finish.  A lot of folks came by to look at them.  And I thank everyone who came, even though not many left a comment.  A special thank you to those who did.  I had 400 visitors since Saturday.  Incredible!

So what's on my design floor today?  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing!  Only a day away from the end of the month and I am trying to finish another quilt.  This one is scrappy, so I made the binding scrappy too.

I still have a bit more to quilt.  And then add the binding.

 But don't think that that is all I have to do today.  I will be busy.  It is my turn to bring a treat to our Tuesday morning quilt group.  I think I will bake a banana bread.

And tonight is the executive meeting of our guild.  We have already started to receive next year's membership applications, so I have been busy with that.

I also need to water my plants, since I haven't done that for a while.  I think that is all I have to do.  Gosh, it really doesn't sound like much when you write it all down.  I can do this!  I know I can.
Hope to be able to show you another finished quilt tomorrow.


em's scrapbag said...

Enjoy your busy day!

Wacky Woman said...

You are also the volunteering type. It does keep one busy.