Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday's Flowers on Thursday

I haven't posted my hexies for a long time.  Yesterday would have been the day to do it, but it was dark and rainy and I couldn't get a good photo.  But today it is bright and sunny.   So here is my latest corner of my flower basket quilt.

All of the flowers and leaves are done for this section.  Now I just have to work on the 50+ white hexies that surround everything.  Blah!

And something new and different that I would like to do on my blog.  A Wednesday Wild Flower post.  As I ride around on my scooter, I notice all the wild flowers that are growing along the road, in the park and in other waste spaces.  Here is the first flower.

It is called "Coltsfoot".  They grow along the path in the ravine and in other waste spaces.  This plant is one of the first to flower in spring, even before dandelions flower.  Although they resemble a dandelion, they are very different.  Coltsfoot has reddish-brown scales on the stems.  And no leaves when the plant is in bloom.  Later on, after the flowers are gone, the leaves will grow.  The leaves are very large and roundish, nothing like a dandelion leaf at all.

You can see the scales better in this photo.  There is also a large wasp on one of the flowers.  I saw this type of wasp on many for them when I was out on Tuesday.  I have no idea what kind of wasp it is.  I think it is just a kind that is out early in spring and Coltsfoot are the only flowers in bloom.  Coltsfoot is in the Asteraceae Family.  It's botanical name is Tussilago farfara.

I love seeing early spring blooms and I also love to look at my Mimi, soundly sleeping in her cat bed.
She is doing very well, still on steroids for her auto-immune condition, but she seems to be pain free, which makes her happy, and me as well.


dutchcomfort said...

Lovely flowers Hetty, both the fabric and the real ones. So glad to hear Mimi is doing well!

em's scrapbag said...

I look forward to your wild flower posts. Your hexies look great!

Wacky Woman said...

That quilt is really coming along. My daughter's cat has been very sick and they have yet to figure it out. How did they diagnose Mimi?

Grit said...

Lovely hexie flowers.
And your cat is so cute.
Grit from Germany