Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Slight Deviation from Wildflower Wednesday

Our 2013 group of Japanese students are here, so I have decided to postpone Wildflower Wednesday until later this week.  I have one girl staying with me and my DD has two others. They arrived on Monday evening, so this is their third day in Toronto.  Here they are with my DD in my back yard early this morning. Flowers among the flowers!

We went shopping at the Scarborough Town Centre after dinner last night.  Tonight we will eat dinner at our house and then we will take them to a waterfront park for a walk along the lake. Our weather has cooled down significantly since yesterday.  It was cool enough for a sweater this morning.

I asked them to do their signature peace-sign thing for the camera.  I just love it when they do that.  My DD is being a good sport and joining in.

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Wacky Woman said...

How very exciting for you Hetty. Very cool!