Friday, July 26, 2013

Rouge Beach

What a great evening we had last night!  The girls cooked dinner for us.  We had a delicious noodle dish. The sauce was so tasty.  I could eat this stuff every day.  There were also some little soy pockets filled with rice. They had a sort of sweet flavour.  At the end of the meal there was one left over.  The girls insisted that I have it.   Yum!  Lucky me!  I did not disappoint them, nor did their meal disappoint us.  I contributed some edamame to our meal.  And some salmon steaks so that my DH would have something for his lunch today.

It was still early when we finished our dinner, so we decided to go to Rouge Beach for a walk along the lake. The city has built a new path there.  We walked quite a way along it, but did not come to the end.

We took a short rest and then the girls and my DD climbed to the top of the rocks that were part of the breakwater.  Here they are with the Pickering Nuclear Plant in the distance.

On the way home we stopped at Tim Horton's for some Canadian maple donuts.


Dolores said...

You sure are up early. What lovely photos of your daughter and the 'girls from Japan.' I'm glad that the weather is nicer this week for them. Great photos of your area.
I do like your header photo.

Wacky Woman said...

Oh what fun you are having with your "peace" girls!