Tuesday, July 09, 2013


We got a lot of rain yesterday.  A record, in fact, over 100mm.  That is more than what fell during hurricane Hazel in 1954.  And coupled with all the rain we have had lately, the ground is saturated and the rivers are full, so flooding occurred in many areas.  Although we were not affected, thousands of people were, either by the floods or by the power outages.  This is what the Don Valley Parkway looked like.  The water in the Don River was level with the roadway.

A whole trainload of folks were trapped on a Go train when the waters rose.  They spent the evening on the train and were not rescued until 2:00am.

Today we still have homes and businesses without power.  It has been reported that 70,000 people are without electricity at the moment.  We have been asked by our mayor to use as little electricity as possible, so as to avoid more power outages and rolling blackouts.  So I am using my sewing machine as little as possible.  But I do have some blocks to show you.  Here a few more 16-patch blocks.  I have been cutting more strips.  That doesn't use electricity.

There is more rain on the way.  But I have lots of hexies to add to my basket quilt, so I am


Terry said...

What a mess! Stay safe Hetty!

Dolores said...

I wonder what the rain did to your park full of garbage.
Our family bowling night was cancelled since my husband couldn't make it home at a reasonable time. He was stuck in traffic. My daughter's flight home today was delayed but she did get off. The highways were surprisingly free of traffic tie-ups this morning on the way to Pearson.

Wacky Woman said...

Oh my, that is a lot of rain. How is it today?