Friday, July 12, 2013

Flower Power

I have been busy with my 16-patches and I now have only a few more to complete.  I took a photo of them, but it was very blurry.  I think that's because my batteries are just about dead.  So they are plugged into the charger at the moment and I will try again another time.

But I do have a few flower photos to show you.
First is my Yucca plant in the front of my house.  It is gorgeous this year.  It has at least 8 flower stalks.

Last year we cut the Corkscrew Hazelnut tree that was growing in that area.  It was infected with Eastern Filbert Blight and was dying a few branches at a time.  It used to cast shade on my yucca, but not any more.

My double day lily is also in bloom.  It is spectacular!  My favourite day lily of all.

My lovely Mimi is sleeping in the sun in the solarium.  It is too hot for me out there at the moment, but Mimi loves it.  Cat were originally desert creatures, so they love the heat and Mimi is no exception.

See that piece of nylon netting behind her?  She is guarding that.  It's a piece left over from when I made a few pot scrubbies.  She loves to play with it and she gets very upset if her brother, Felix, tries to take it from her.  Isn't she my prettiest flower of all?

And I leave you with a photo of a Goldfinch on a bag of nyger seeds.

I have had a finch feeder for several years, but usually the squirrels knocked it down and the finches were left with nothing.  This year my DH soldered some left-over copper pipe and made me a squirrel-proof feeder. The squirrels can't find a way to get up there and that is fine with me.  It was costing me a fortune in nyger socks.  At around $7 - $8 each it was getting out of hand.  But then I found some nyger seeds at the Bulk Barn.  For a couple of dollars I can buy enough to fill the sock up a couple of times.  The Goldfinches love it and I love to watch them.

Have a terrific Week End everyone!


KaHolly said...

All delightful pictures, Hetty!! Each one would make my heart sing if I was walking around your yard!!

Dolores said...

Gorgeous garden photos and of course, of little Mimi. I have only seen Goldfinches in BC when visiting my daughter. We have cardinals, mourning doves and blue jays.

Wacky Woman said...

Lovely photos Hetty. It looks like Mimi is going well. I'm so glad.

em's scrapbag said...

Wow! your yucca bush is awesome. And what a great picture of the goldfinch.