Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family Day Dinner!

A Family Portrait

Thanks to the current Premier of Ontario, we celebrated our first Family Day ever! It was nice to get an extra holiday in the middle of February. By this time of the year we are all feeling kind of fed up with winter. And in my case, I have 'cabin fever'! I only get out occasionally and then it is only for a short trip to the mall or grocery shopping or something similar!
But on Monday I had a wonderful day, my kids came over for dinner. My DH cooked everything! He made stuffing for the chicken and cooked some cranberry sauce from scratch! He peeled and cooked potatoes and made a delicious salad. He also steamed some green beans and carrots to perfection! The whole meal was fantastic and I didn't have to do a thing - just eat and enjoy it!
Even dessert was taken care of. I had planned to bake an apple pie in the morning, but it was not possible! When I told my kids that there would be no dessert, my DD jumped up and ran into to kitchen. She started peeling apples and quickly got an apple pie together. As soon as the chicken was done, she put it into the oven and we had the most wonderful apple pie, I have ever tasted, for dessert!
Too bad I forgot to take a photo of our happy get-together. But I did the next best thing! I drew a cartoon of our meal together! It's the first cartoon I have ever done! It took me two days to do it, mostly because I couldn't find my markers or pencil crayons. But once I had located them, in a nice safe place, I was off to the races! I like to think that my cartoon is better than a photo! What do you think?


John said...

The family day cartoon is excellent. Not only is it well drawn, but it is also exactly the way I remember it.

Don't forget to look at the lunar eclipse tonight. Alpha and I were just watching it on the back deck with our binoculars, it was quite a sight.

Oiyi said...

Wonderful picture! DD sounds like a great baker.

Keiko said...

The family day cartoon is great. It just looks like one we see in an
imported picture book and gives me
a good idea of your family day dinner. Hetty, you are a multi-talented person: a quilter,a knitter, a photographer, a writer and a painter. I'm glad all of your family enjoyed the dinner. We'd like to have 'Family Day' in Japan, too. Keiko

Opal said...

Cute picture! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. :)

Winny said...

I love the family day cartoon. It was great. I am glad you included you cat family also.