Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mimi Has an Idea!

It's my Turn! It's my Turn!

Okay, those silly 'brothers' of mine have been hogging this blogging thing all week! Now it is my turn! After all, I am Mimi! Meow! The Great Mimi! I have all the brains, all the humour and all the literacy skills. And... I am cute too! So here I go! This is going to be a contest! You can all win if you leave a comment on this post! I will put all of your names into a hat, or a cat dish or something, and pull a few out! Those that I pick will win a prize!
I am sure that you will all agree with me that cleanliness is next to catness! I am always licking myself clean! (My 'brothers' often neglect this step in their daily self care!) Humans like to wash too! They even like to use water! You can count me out for that!
Humans even like to wash dishes! What? Meow! They don't? What do you mean? I thought all humans liked to wash dishes!

Oh, well! Meow! My owner has been crocheting dishcloths in Valentine's Day colours! They turned out very nice. Don't you think? These are what she will give away! I think everyone will like to do dishes with one of these cloths! They are so pretty and made from cotton. They can be washed and used over and over! So leave a comment (or two) I will pick the winners on Valentine's Day! Good luck to everyone! Meow. Love, Mimi


Opal said...

Hello Mimi! Aren't you pretty?! Those are beautiful dishcloths too. :)

Winny said...

Hi Mimi. My name is Oliver and I think you are a very pretty thing. I know my mistress would love to have one of those dish cloths, even though she tries to get away from doing dishes as much as she can. You wouldn't believe it but she uses disposable dishes whenever she can. If you start writing more, I know I will answer you.

hetty said...

Thanks for your kind words, Oliver! Meow! I will definitely put your mistress's name into the draw. I know you will love the dishcloth, even if you only use it to rest your head on when you take a nap! It doesn't have to be a dishcloth! Meow! Who the heck wants to wash dishes with soap and water anyway? Yuck! If everyone would just lick their own plates clean, there would be no dishes to wash! Geez! It's so easy. Why can't humans figure that out? Talk to you later Oliver. Purrrrrr! Love, Mimi

Keiko said...

Hi, Mimi! You look so cute and clean!! And your cleanliness is even water-free and thus environmentally friendlier, which is great in our days. The dishcloths your owner has made come in such beautiful colors that I hate to use one for washing my dishes even if I luckily get one.
I'd rather save it for ornamental purpose. Well what do you think
about that, Mimi? Keiko

John said...

Hi Mimi.
You are a very sweet kitty and
your dishcloths are beautiful.
I would love to have one and could really use it, as I am currently doing my dishes by leaving them in my sister's sink and hoping that they will be clean the next day.
By the way, Alpha is delighted with the afghan and sends his warmest regards to you and your master.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mimi! I'm Yumi. Do you remember me? I'm happy to meet you again! The dishcolths are so pretty. I love these colors!

Oiyi said...

Wow, those dishcloths are so pretty!! Way too pretty to use.

kawaii crafter said...

Those dishcloths look lovely! I think I would feel guilty washing anything with them.