Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Few Hats!

Well, I knit some hats! The yarn is synthetic. The pattern is my own. I started with the off-white one and then made the others by changing the size of the needles and number of stitches. These hats were very easy to do. They took me from 1 to 3 days to make each one - a perfect project while I wait for the results from my latest MRI test. I am too anxious to do anything more complicated at the moment. But it is nice to be able to say that I finished something at least!
The blue and gray one is for my DH. The gray one with the cables is for my DS. The black ball with the needles stuck in it will also become a hat for my DS. He has expressly asked for a black one. The others don't have a home (head) yet. I may keep the multi-coloured one for myself. It was the most fun to make. I plan to make more of these to give to the school where my daughter works. They always have kids who forget or lose their hats. This way they will have something to keep them warm in our cold winter! I will also make some mittens for them too! Those are always needed. And maybe a few scarves - although I don't want anyone to get caught on the playground equipment, so I will not make them very long.


Opal said...

I love the multi-colored hat, but my favorite is the cabled hat. I got a thing for cables right now as you'll soon find out. ;-)

John said...

All the hats are great.
But, nothing beats a good
old-fashioned Canadian
black toque, eh.

Oiyi said...

Wow, you are a productive hat knitter!

Winny said...

You always do such great work on your different crafts. I wouldn't mind the pattern for these. I know of 3 guys who would like to have something as nice as these to cover themselves with on the cold days we have been having.