Thursday, February 14, 2008

Contest Results - According to Mimi!

"Dish Cloth Comments" Contest Results - The Contest is Over!

Me: Hi Mimi! What are you up to?

Mimi: I am printing the names of the people who left their names on your blog so that I can pick a winner for the contest!

Me: But, it looks like you are just walking all over the papers!

Mimi: Yes! That's exactly what I am doing! I am stamping the names on papers and then putting them into a basket. Then I will pull out the winners!

Me: Okay. But those paw prints all look the same to me!

Mimi: That's because you are just a human and I am a cat! These paw prints are people's names! Now I am putting them into a basket! See?

Me: Okay, I see! But please don't walk on the furniture until that ink on your paws is dry.

Mimi: Huh? Oh, that. I'll just lick my paws clean! OMG!!! This stuff is delicious! I am getting high on this stuff! What a head rush! This stuff is great! Meow!

Me: Nooooo, Mimi don't do that! That ink might be poisonous or something! You might get sick!

Mimi: Poisonous! No way! Anything that tastes this good can't be bad for you!

Oscar: Can I help? Can I? Can I? Can I? And can I lick some ink too! I want to get high like Mimi!

Me: No Oscar! Don't you start!

Oscar: What does this stuff say anyway? I can't read it.
Me: I don't know! You'll have to ask Mimi. She seems to be the only one who can read paw prints!

Mimi: Me? What? Oh, yeah, read paw prints. Sorry, I have no idea! I can't think anymore! My brain is a bit mixed up at the moment! I can't pick a winner right now! So I will declare everyone a winner!

Me: No Mimi! You can't do that! You have to pick a winner!

Mimi: Meow! I can't! All of a sudden I don't feel so good! I think I will go and take a nap. Meow! My mind is feeling sort of fuzzy! Just send everyone a dish cloth! That should keep them all happy! I'm out of here!

Me: Well, you heard it folks! Everyone is a winner! Mimi, in her mind-altered state, has declared everyone who left a comment, a winner! So your dish cloths will be out to you as soon as I put them into the mail! Thanks Mimi! Did you hear me Mimi? I said "Thank you" for all your 'help'.

Mimi: ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Me: Goodnight Mimi! Oscar! Get out of that ink! One drugged cat in this house is enough!


Opal said...

Mimi is so pretty and adorable! What a lovely lady.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Winny said...

Oliver: Thank you Mimi. My mistress will love getting a dish cloth. I guess I will have to show her how to use it. Ha Ha. Sorry you feeling sick. Next time try a little catnip. That will only make you feel good, frisky, and you will see things on the walls you can play with. Again thank you Mimi you are a pretty little thing.