Saturday, November 10, 2012

A New List

Not much sewing got done today.  We took a little day trip down to St. Catherines so my DH could make a delivery.  St Catherines is near Niagara Falls.  But we didn't go there.  The weather was not the best today.  It was dark and dreary and cold.  Occasionally a few drops of rain fell on the windshield.   We just enjoyed our lunch in downtown St. Catherines and then drove home.

Today my list is non-existent.
But now I have a list for tomorrow.


Make 2 more kindergarten book bags - yesterday I was able to make 3 of them
Make orange scrappy log cabin blocks
Work on the quilt-as-you-go quilt - I managed to complete 4 blocks this morning before we left
Prep more hexies - I always need more of these
Work on the challenge quilt

Thank goodness the laundry got done.  The dishwasher got emptied too, but it filled up quickly.  By tomorrow I will have to wash them and empty it again.

Because I don't like a post without a photo I will show you a pic of Felix.  Isn't he cute?


Donna said...

Felix is so sweet. I bet he plans to help with your list tomorrow.

wackywoman said...

Very cute indeed. You ARE going to be busy Hetty.

dutchcomfort said...

Hi Felix, you are really cute!

Monica said...

It looks like Felix is already "helping" here, on a Christmas project by the looks of it. I can't quite pin down his expression, I think "hopeful" may be close. :D

KaHolly said...

I'm a list person. I seem to accomplish more that way. I'm also known to do something that is not on my list, then write it down and check it off as if it was always there!! ~karen