Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

And a Wednesday flower on Thursday.

I finished the last hexie block for the inner border of the quilt.  From now on it is just going to be white hexies and dark blue hexies for awhile.

My Amaryllis is looking fantastic!  I staked it up rather
than transplanting it, just in case it didn't want its roots
disturbed.  Lots of red today.

I also want to wish all of my American friends and neighbours a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We already celebrated our Thanksgiving in October. So I am really happy that you celebrate yours so late in the year because it gave me the opportunity to watch 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' one more time last night.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Terry said...

Your flowers are lovely! Happy Thanksgiving! :0)

Exuberant Color said...

your amaryllis is so pretty. I have 2 growing right now and one I'll plant on Sunday so I get a little space between the blooms.

Yarny Days said...

Happy THanksgiving too! My husband loves Charlie Brown--just saying..

wackywoman said...

Love you hexies and amaryllis is gorgeous!