Sunday, November 04, 2012

Back to Standard Time and Some Quilts

We just set our clocks back an hour.  So what am I doing, sitting at my computer this early in the morning?  I have no idea, but I thought you might like to see a few more quilts from the Twisted Stitchers Quilt Show yesterday.  I am going to be very busy today, so I will post them now.  This way I won't have to worry about posting something for NaBloPoMo later.

This quilt was made by a wonderfully creative woman who served as President of our Rouge Valley Guilt the past two years.

The following are some bright quilts, which I love. and of which there were many.  Those Twisted Stitchers sure love colour.

I found these flowers very inspirational.  I can see a quilt like this in my future.

I have a few more photos, but I think I will save them for another time.  I need to go back to bed and recover the hour of sleep I lost last spring.  
See you tomorrow.


Dolores said...

Thank you Hetty. I thought the show was quite colourful too. That last quilt is one I took a photo of too. I have seen the quilt done in a variety of colours but because this was quite limited in the choice of colours used, it looked like a different quilt altogether.

wackywoman said...

Oh my, these are gorgeous quilts. I adore the first one!

Simone de Klerk said...

The star quilt is so pretty!

Barb said...

Those quilts are fabulous, thanks for showing.