Thursday, November 29, 2012

Second Last Post for NaBloPoMo

I've been procrastinating all day over this post.  I just don't have that much more to say this month.  Mimi is feeling much better.  This morning she found a small patch of sunlight in the living room and she rolled around on it for quite a while.  When she saw me coming with the camera she quickly ran away.  See, nothing has changed.  She is still the same cat.

I have solved the problem of feeding her through her tube.  It was almost impossible to hold her and administer her meds and syringes of food and eye drops etc.  So I decided I needed a sort of baby sling to help hold her.  I looked them up on the internet and found a video that showed how to fold a sheet into a baby carrier.  I tried and it worked.  Feeding times are so much easier now and I sometimes have a hand free to give her a little skritch here and there.  That way she purrs through her feeding instead of wanting to get away.

Remember when I said I needed to order some fabric online.  Well it finally came today.  I just love it.  Part of the order are 4 fat quarters of Scooby Doo fabric.  Here are two of them fussy cut for the centre of the blocks in the cartoon quilt.  Aren't they fun?  My DS will love these.  I hope he doesn't read my blog. 

Well, see you tomorrow for my last NaBloPoMo post for this month.  I am going to take a blog break after that.  I think I deserve it.


dutchcomfort said...

You certainly deserve a break after blogging daily for two months! So glad to hear that Mimi is back to being her old self again!

Anonymous said...

I agree, you need a break.
But I enjoy seeing the beautiful fabrics, as these Scooby Doo's for instance.
And you have been very creative in looking after Mimi.
Very glad she is progressing.

Dolores said...

I love Scooby Doo. Glad Mimi is home and you solved your feeding problem with her.

wackywoman said...

Good for you getting through it though! I could never do it.