Thursday, September 24, 2009

Never Too Old to Learn Something New

Yesterday I played with my computer. I wanted to figure out how people cross things out on their blogs. I have never been able to do that and I thought it might be fun. So I experimented with blogger for a couple of hours. And I learned a few things, well, a lot of things. See what I mean. You're never too old to learn something new!
These are some nine patch blocks I have been working on. Remember the nine-patch along I did with Crazy Mom Quilts? Well, it is not quilted yet, but I just had to start a new one when Crazy Mom decided to host another nine-patch along. I used Christmas fabrics for that one. It is going to be a lap size quilt and it will be finished soon hopefully by Christmas!

When I was visiting my Mom a few weeks ago, I noticed that the nurses had put the blue and white quilt on her bed. It really cheered the room up! But that quilt is really too small for a bed. It is great as a lap quilt though. So I decided to make, yet another nine-patch since the quilt along was still going. I decided to use batiks this time. So far I have made about 36 blocks - still have just about as many to go. I am running out of batik fabrics. Think I will have to make a trip to the quilt shop soon tomorrow!

Mimi had to get right on top of them the minute I put them on my design wall floor.
Me: "Get off Mimi! I want to show off my pretty batik fabrics!"

Mimi: "Meow! Can't you see I'm busy washing my tail!"

Me: "Hmmm. Yeah I can see that. So finish what you are doing and get off, NOW!"

Mimi: "Almost done, Meow! Just a little bit more to do on my 'you know'."

Oh, Mimi! You little buttlicker sweet kitty, you!

Do you think I am overdoing it a bit with all the cross outs? Don't worry this is just a novelty at the moment. It will get boring soon enough!


Pat said...

So why don't you tell the rest of us HOW to do the cross outs? (I'm one who doesn't know how and I expect there are others who don't know, either.) NICE 9-patches for the new quilt. I was able to see them in spite of Mimi doing her best to hide them!!!

Barb said...

Sometimes it just takes time to figure it out...whether or not wanting to take the time is a different story...share what you learned....

the dutch purple rabbit said...

ow spook is using her tall still to snuggel on. This quilt is gonna be very nice all those lovely colours.


LizzieJane said...

How lovely that you have a little helper. Now we know how you make so many quilts! It is looking like that is going to be such a beautiful quilt.

*karendianne. said...

Mimi is so hilarious!