Sunday, July 29, 2007

Come on In!

The water's fine!
We spent the morning and early evening in the pool. It was nice and hot today, so the pool was a good place to be. In the afternoon we went to a family reunion at my aunt's house.There was lots of food and talk and people to meet. But the best part was saved for the evening when the girls showed us a tea ceremony. We talked about Japanese customs and traditions. It was very interesting! Then they demonstrated calligraphy - the Japanese painting of letters and symbols with a brush! They showed us what our Canadian names would look like written in Japanese! My name is very beautiful when done in Japanese symbols. It means 'to hold the house in my hands and surround and protect it'! So I am the keeper of the house. Neat, eh? But I think I already knew that. There are three characters that make up my name. Everything looked more like art, than writing! I think I will frame my name and hang it on the wall.

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