Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Garden!

This post is especially for my friend, Keiko, in Japan. She asked me what my garden looks like, so I am going to take you on a short journey. The first photo is of my back flower bed. It is about 45 feet long and 5 feet wide. It runs along the north side of my property. The back of this bed is in shade most of the day, so I have planted hostas, Solomon's Seal, and other shade-loving plants. The front of this bed gets sun all day, so the plants are very different. I have planted coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, lavender, phlox and other sun-loving plants.
This is a dark corner in the northwest part of my garden. It is under the apple tree. Only shade plants grow here - ferns, hostas, Solomon's Seal. I love to sit in this dark, quiet corner and read, or take a nap. (Mimi has taught me a lot about napping!) On a hot day, this is the spot to be!
This is my side garden. It runs along the west side of my yard and is about 90 feet long and 5 to 8 feet wide. I have mostly sun-loving plants here. There is lots of colour, which I love! The table with the patio umbrella is where we gather to eat, talk, read and study. The whole garden is visible from this angle, including the pool.
This is the area under the peach tree. It is right beside the patio table. I have planted ferns and hostas here. I have also put some impatiens into pots for added colour. This is a relaxing garden, right beside the patio table and chairs.
This is the corner of the garden which needs to be cleaned up. The gooseneck loosestrife, which I bought from the Scarborough Horticultural Society a few years ago, is starting to take over! I didn't realize it was so invasive when I planted it. I think it is going to have to go! The arbour holds several Kiwi plants. I have both male and female varieties. Both are needed to set fruit, so I hope I will have some tasty Kiwis in the years to come. This type of Kiwi is hardy in our zone, so it should survive our winters - I hope! (It is always a gamble) This part of my garden gets sun and shade at different times of the day. I have not really figured out which plants do best here. I am still experimenting and I love to do that! This, I think, is the interesting part of gardening. It is constantly changing and I can try out new plants as I find them. In the shade I have planted hostas. In the sun I have lilies and day lilies. This is also the spot where my Sweet Cicely grows.

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