Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Day At the Beach!

We started our day by having breakfast at my daughter's house. She made pancakes, which we enjoyed with maple syrup and homemade strawberry sauce. Delicious! Then we drove to Sibbald Point Provincial Park on Lake Simcoe. It was crowded when we got there, but we eventually found a picnic table and some shade. Lucky for us my strong son came along. He was able to carry everything we needed from the car. We set up a temporary home base and then everyone went for a swim, except me. I stayed behind to watch our things. We had sandwiches, vegetable sticks and drinks for lunch - with maple cookies for dessert. After lunch the girls went back to the beach and buried themselves in the sand. Yuk! Disgusting! But they seemed to enjoy it. Then they went back into the lake to clean off and go for another swim.
In the late afternoon, we left the park and drove to the nearby town of Sutton, where we were able to find a Giant Tiger store! It was five minutes before closing!!! But we made it! One of the girl's flip flops had broken and we needed to buy some new ones in order to have dinner at the Franklin Club. This is a fishing club which my husband and I belong to. They have a great dining room there! The food is excellent and the staff is friendly.
I took an after-dinner photo of everyone on the outside deck, overlooking the lake. We went for a short walk to look at the club's fish hatchery, just as the sun was beginning to set.
We watched it go down on an absolutely perfect day!


yama said...

Thank you for good photos and information. Hetty- san.

By the way,
I feel sorry that girls' play with sand made you feel bad.

They should learn their innocent play reminds Canadian people some unlucky things.

Eiji Yamamoto.

hetty said...

Oh! Please don't feel sorry about anything. The girls are polite and courteous. They want for nothing more than to please me! Just because I don't like sand between my toes and on other parts of my body, doesn't mean that the girls don't. If they want to bury themselves in the sand, that's okay with me!!!! I am sure you will see more photos when they return home.

yama said...

I see, Hetty san.
I understand I thought it too much. And I am glad to hear they are polite and courteous.

Thank you for your comment.