Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Japanese Students Have Arrived!

For the past five summers or so, we have been hosting Kamajo students from Japan. This summer was no exception. The girls arrived on Monday. What a great bunch of girls! They arrived here tired and hungry after spending 15 hours travelling, but their beautiful smiles were ever present. If I had any reservations about taking part in the program once again this year, they faded away as I gazed into their bright, eager faces! Two of them are staying at our house and two more are being hosted by my daughter. We have been doing lots of things together. Each morning so far, they have had breakfast at our house. After that I drive them to school. They study English and go on interesting sightseeing excursions. In the afternoons we pick them up. Then the time is all ours. We have planned some fun things for them to do. Yesterday we went shopping - window shopping, that is. They just love to window shop! Today I took them to the post office to buy stamps. They are eager to write to their parents and friends back home. We also stopped at the grocery store to buy some things for tonight's dinner. The girls planned a special dinner for us tonight! They made Japanese pizza, Udon soup with noodles and some rice and salmon rolls. I contributed some Teriyaki chicken. We ate everything with chopsticks. Yes! Even I was able to get the food into my mouth! I have been practicing. I always look forward to these Japanese dinners cooked by the girls! Everything was absolutely delicious! When we were finished there were only a few morsels left. Tomorrow we are going to Kew beach on Lake Ontario. If we are lucky, we might be able to play some beach volleyball! And we can walk along the boardwalk and see the sights! But now it is time for bed.

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