Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Applecake a Day......

Day 15 of Blogtoberfest. Second last day for the virtual quilt show.

Several people were asking about my health since I had to see the doctor yesterday. Let me just assure you that all is well. It was just a sort of after-the-fact appointment. Since my auto immune condition had such a horrendous effect on me, my doctor just wants to make sure everything is under control. Next month I have an appointment to see the neurologist who treated me last year. I am not really looking forward to that because it means another nerve conduction test. Ouch! Oh, well, I am sure I'll get through it.

Even though I'm okay, my DD isn't. She came over at lunchtime yesterday. (She teaches at a school very close by) She was complaining about pains in her stomach and abdomen. She already had those pains last Monday evening, but she had not seen a doctor yet. She went back to school after lunch, but came back to my house around 2:30pm. Her pains were no better. She spent the night on my couch because we just couldn't figure out what to do with her. I encouraged her to call in sick today and go to a walk-in clinic. (Her own doctor could not see her until next week) The doctor at the walk-in clinic was very nice. She suspects that my DD's pains are caused by food poisoning. DD ate at a Japanese restaurant last Sunday. 'Things' are being cultured at the moment to see if it is indeed salmonella or something similar. It would be very easy to pick up something like that where raw food is being served.

Not much sewing No sewing has been going on around here for the last couple of days! Hopefully we will get all the doctor stuff over with soon. I read a cute little joke that a commenter had left on someone's blog. Sorry, I can't remember who. It said, "What is the difference between God and a doctor?" The answer, "God doesn't think he is a doctor". I had to laugh. I am not a fan of doctors. And I often feel that I know my own body better than someone who spends a couple of minutes poking around and listening to my heart beat. I feel that way about my DD too. I don't think this is anything too serious. Nothing like appendicitis, for example.

While she was napping on the couch, I baked another one of my famous apple cakes! An apple a day.... you know! I set the timer and it should go off any minute. Yep! There it goes. It's ready!


Salvador GP said...

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Pat said...

I hope your daughter is well soon. I don't think I've ever had food poisoning (although I have had unexplained stomach aches) but folks who DO know they've had it have told me how unpleasant it is. I'm glad you are okay, too.

*karendianne. said...

I'm glad the appt. went well enough. I'm sorry you have to go back for another NCT. So many tests, so many unanswered questions. Drs. aren't my favorite trips to make either. We're on the same ship when it comes to that I think. And gosh, keep us posted on how DD is doing. I guess she's not in the mood for any Applecake so may I have her portion?

LizzieJane said...

I am so happy that your Doc appt went well Hetty. Your poor daughter, I hope it is nothing to serious and that she is feeling better real soon.
Your apple cake looks wonderful, perfect for a fall desert.

Vicki said...

I'm glad your appointment went well and I hope your DD is feeling better soon. The apple cake looks wonderful, now if only computers could transmit the wonderful smells that must have been coming from your kitchen :-).

Rinie said...

I am sure a piece of applecake will do us all good.
But what about the kitties?
Just offer them some leftovers of quilts which will make them as happy as kittens.