Thursday, October 08, 2009


I finished another charity quilt. (Hurray!) I got the fabric for this little quilt in a kit from our Guild. The kit included 30 8.5in. squares, some backing fabric, batting and some binding fabric. This was the only kit there was. (sigh) I didn't want to make a quilt with huge square blocks, (too boring!) so I cut the squares down to 4.25in. Then proceeded to put them together in a disappearing nine patch pattern. Also, there was some damage to the backing fabric. I had to cut that part out. I used it for the centre squares of the nine patches.

This fabric was really pretty, but not really me. I thought it needed the darker fabric on the front for a bit of contrast. It measures 38in. by 43in. and will go to 'Quilts from the Heart at our Guild' and will probably be donated to a Women's Shelter.

Because I had cut out the damaged parts of the backing fabric and used some of it on the front, I did not have enough for the back of the quilt. So I pieced a few of the left over 4.25in. units from the front, plus a few more from fabrics in my stash, and sewed them into the backing to make it big enough.

I enjoyed making this quilt. I love the Disappearing Nine-Patch! It was easy, with just enough of a challenge to make everything fit. And as you can see, Mimi loves it too!

"Meow! Just passing through. You want your quilt inspected, don't you?"

"Yeah! Sure! Thanks Mimi."


Exuberant Color said...

I think the darker fabric is a good addition to the top. the back is more interesting that way too, but more work.

nicolette said...

You’ve made it to blogtoberfest day 8!!! Hurray!

Love your disap. 9-patch and you’re right for adding some darker fabrics to the front.

shiny4444 said...

I think your colour combinations are great, Lis

*karendianne. said...

Well this is adorable and I love how you worked with what you had on hand. You're talented enough to do stuff like that. Me? I just get frustrated and give up and walk away. But not even Mimi will do that. She's such a good inspector. I love her little kitty-self! :)

Rinie said...

Sweet Mimi. What would she do if there would be no more quilts to be inspected. Keep it up making your beautiful designs.