Friday, October 30, 2009

Is This Winter Rain?

This rain is winter rain.
It spits and sprays like an angry cat,
As it lands lightly on the empty playground.

This rain is winter rain.
Cold and clinging to the thin fabrics,
Each droplet shining dully and roughly.

This rain is winter rain.
It drifts almost gracefully down through its own fog,
Taunting the shivering trees below, and above.

This rain is winter rain.
Even the birds flinch fearfully and cringe.
As they fly through this endless grey curtain.

This rain is winter rain.
Dripping from everywhere, clouding everything,
A cruel, stinging scream in every drop.
This rain is winter rain......
- Abby Wall

Today is a dark, dreary day, full of wetness and boredom. I couldn't work on any of my projects. They just weren't calling to me. So I slept late and spent the rest of the morning reading. I did make this week's Party block though. It's a 10inch block called 'Game Cocks'. Sorry! That was not my idea! Of course I have no other iideas so I guress that's what it will be called. I was even too uninspired lazy to pick out fabrics and just used the ones that were near my machine. It turned out not too bad, I guess, but the weather has left me cold.

Oscar and Felix are watching the rain too.

And Mimi, well, you know Mimi. She doesn't care what it is doing outside as long as she has some quilt block to sit on.

Today is day 30 of Blogtoberfest! Only one more day to go!


LizzieJane said...

One more day Hetty. What a great job you did hanging in there for a whole month. That takes quite some doing. Just love those little fur babies!
Have a great weekend.

Cara said...

Some one was a South Carolina fan when they named it that. That is their mascot, serious, they are called the South Carolina Gamecocks, and ther cheer the name minus the game.
I didn't get much done today either, not inspirational outside for sure.

Barb said...

You are so faithful to the Friday block party. It is rainy today too....and I even went back to bed.

Pat said...

I like how the block turned out. You have done a good job on all of them so far.

Exuberant Color said...

A lot of times I just pick up whatever fabrics are laying there and work with them too.

Oscar and Felix look pretty content to be on the inside looking out.

Anonymous said...

Oscar and Felix look so much alike. I wish you would tell their story - for instance are they biological brothers? Love the poetry by the way.