Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Meeting, a Block and a Favour

Our Guild meeting was delicious! We had a Harvest Potluck! Those quilting ladies don't just sew up a storm, they also bake fantastic goodies! I showed my Happy Tropical Basket wall hanging for Show and Tell and everyone loved it! I also delivered 4 quilts to Quilts from the Heart and picked up two more to do this coming month. I turned in my September block to the Block of the Month and picked up the instructions for this month's block. I couldn't wait to start it and finished it only a few minutes ago! Here it is. It is called 'Crystals Block'. Pretty isn't it? I will donate it to the Guild so that they can use it in one of their charity quilts.

I also have a huge favour to ask of you. One of my dearest quilting friends (no blog) is dealing with a difficult family medical situation. Her husband has been diagnosed with cancer. He was operated on a couple of months ago, but they were not able to get all of the cancer. He therefore must now undergo chemotherapy every other week. Please pray for him and send out positive thoughts for his recuperation and return to health. His name is Holt. I know that when we all pray and think positively so much can be done. I just know this can work! Thanks so much.


blushing rose said...

I am sorry to learn of Holt's cancer, prayers are lifted.

Have a warm, wonderful week.TTFN ~Marydon

Reddirt Woman said...

Beautiful block and your friend Holt is being uplifted as I write.

thank you for your kind sharing and don't ever hesitate to ask for prayers for you or your friends.


Barb said...

Yes....I know all us bloggers will fill the air with prayers for holt.