Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post 27 for the Month of November

It's the 27th day of NaBloPoMo, so I feel as if I have to post something. After all, I have kept up with this posting insanity for almost four weeks and I don't want to ruin it now. So let me tell you about my day.

I ran a lot of errands and did some shopping. My DD drove me and when my DH came home, we did more shopping. Altogether we went to five different stores, one of them two times. i bought all the things I need to bake cookies. At least I hope I have everything. I am not a real fan of cookie baking, but I did a kind of crazy thing. I joined a Christmas Cookie Club! So now I have to bake cookies for 12 people, including myself - only 6 per person, but that makes 72 cookies!

Since I don't have any cook books with cookie recipes in them, I asked my DD for one of her cookie books and she brought me 5 of them. So now my problem is that I have too many recipes to choose from. I have narrowed it down to four or five different cookies. I'll use the ones that turn out the best. But I'm not going to start them tonight; I'm too tired. Hopefully, if all goes well, I will have some decorated delicacies to show you tomorrow.


Exuberant Color said...

I don't like to cook but I love to bake. I hope you find some good recipes!

Pat said...

I don't enjoy baking, either. I'd rather cook regular stuff than bake...although I do like to EAT baked goods!!!

quiltingnana said...

love to bake cookies...congrats on your persistence in blogging

Simone de Klerk said...

You made me laugh, Hetty! Even though you are not a fan of cookie baking, you did join the Club. Sometimes I ask myself why we join certain clubs LOL. Have fun making those cookies! It shouldn't be a problem for you after those beautiful cakes for your daughter.