Sunday, November 07, 2010

Red Flowers on my Cactus

We set our clocks back an hour today. I love getting that extra hour on the first morning!
When I went to water my plants I noticed some flowers on the red Christmas cactus.

This is early. It's not as if I haven't thought about Christmas though. I crocheted this dishcloth for a church bazaar. I want to make several more. I love this pattern. It's easy, but it looks complicated. Here is a better photo.

Just wanted to check in so that I don't mess up my NoBloPoMo. Dinner is almost ready. I made a stew today. Something nice and warm because it was chilly outside.


Pat said...

I love your doily! How nice to be greeted by cactus blooms on a cold, blustery day, too.

hakucho said...

The blossom do make one's day. I love the red...mine blooms a dark pink and peach. Enjoy :) Your dishcloth is very pretty...almost too pretty to use :)

Oiyi said...

I never knew that was a cactus. We had huge ones when I was growing up in my parent's house. The flowers are so pretty.

Rinie said...

It looks very nice for a dishcloth.
I am regularly losing a cactus outside during the summer, when they are outside. The squirrels dig them up. They left me a tiny one with two pink flowers.