Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday's Flowers Following A Sleepless Night

I had a rather sleepless night, reminiscent of my long-ago baby days. Mimi is my 'baby' now and she gave me quite a scare yesterday. Remember that Azalea I showed you last week. More flowers have opened up and it looks beautiful. So I thought I would place it on my coffee table in the living room.

While I was sitting there, crocheting, Mimi, in one swift motion, jumped onto the coffee table, made her way over to the plant and proceeded to grab one leaf with her teeth and chew and swallow it. I was frantic! I started yelling at her, but she was too fast for me. She had already swallowed it. I dashed for the Azalea. That scared her and she jumped down and left the room in a hurry. I could only see one small leaf that had been ripped off with only a stubble left on the plant.

For those of you who don't know, Azaleas are toxic to cats. I woke up every hour on the hour last night to check up on Mimi. She was fine, thank goodness. I did not think that cats were so dumb as to eat Azalea leaves. Maybe only Mimi is. The plant has now been placed out of Mimi's reach! Yes this is all certainly reminiscent of my early baby days. Now Mimi is sleeping peacefully in her favourite spot. Wish I could go back to bed and catch a few more winks!

But I want to show you my hexagons for this week first. I have been busy with a lot of other things this week, so I didn't have much time to work on the hexies. I'll do better next week. I promise. Here are some of my prepped hexies. They are for the 'Wannabe Quilt'. I really want it to be a quilt too. But I still have a lot more hexies to add before it is done.


nicolette said...

Mimi is teasing and testing you! First drinking out of the plant saucers and now eating an azalea leaf?!

It might be an indication that she needs something green to eat. Midas always wants some bites from our bamboo in the garden to get rid off a hair ball.

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

The need for green? Makes sense. My babies will eat grass - so does the dog for indegestion relief.
I'm glad to hear she is OK!

Rinie said...

My dear Mimi. But she is ok now.
My cats always have grass, otherwise they indeed start on the houseplants.

Vicki said...

Oh my, hopefully the leaf was small enough that it didn't do any harm. Also be careful of lilies, they are also poisonous to cats.

wackywoman said...

She really must start listening to you.

Pat said...

My friend has two cats. One ignores plants and flowers that would come into the house. BUT...the other one goes wild if they even bring a bunch of carrots or come celery from the food market into the house. Because of that cat, she can't have any houseplants and if she gets flowers, there is only one place to put them that is safe from that plant-devouring cat. I'm glad Mimi is okay.

Simone de Klerk said...

I'm glad Mimi is doing fine! Hope you were able to catch up with the sleep you missed.